The Birth of Callahan’s Bar & Grille

Music is the key to the soul, and many people around the world would agree to this. There are different types of music for everyone. What appeals to someone may tick you off.

Music is also unifying. This effect is evident in the sheer number of people that turn up for musical concerts to see their favorite artists. These people also trooped into Callahan’s Bar & Grille to watch their different artists perform up close. There’s an interesting history behind this place and how it turned out.

The Callahan’s Bar & Grille opened up during the Thanksgiving weekend of 2007. The surprising thing about this bar was that it was opened to attract people for food, drinks and watch sports the high TV sets. The bar was to be a place for people to integrate and watch their favorite athletes have a go.

Moss, the owner of the club, had previously spent time working at The Palace of Auburn Hills and Ticketmaster. His previous job allowed him to promote multiple events during his period at Eastern Michigan University. Callahan’s Bar & Grille came to him as an investment idea – it would be great to have a bar and grill. Moss grew up as a lover of live music. He has fond memories of other blues clubs such as the Soup Kitchen, Sully’s, George & Harry’s, and Moby Dick’s. This past experience of his influenced how he finally transformed the club into a one-stop location of music acts.